Review: ‘Verity’ by Colleen Hoover

by Victoria Bromley

It’s becoming a theme where we review popular books on BookTok and Bookstagram! Here’s our latest instalment

Everyone and their best friend, cousin, and neighbour’s dog has heard of Colleen Hoover and the traction she’s ignited through the bookish world. While usually known for her contemporary romances, ‘Verity’ is a haunting and twisted thriller, very different to the likes of ‘Ugly Love’ and ‘November 9’. After having read ‘It Ends With Us’, one of her most popular romances, I was tentative about reading one of her books which seems a completely different world away: a thriller.

With Spring budding and warmer weather teasing us with bright rays and longer nights, have we surpassed the season for thrillers? Absolutely not. Whether it’s snowing outside and the fire’s blazing or you’re at the beach with an ice cream, thrillers are brilliant reads anytime of year.

While extremely hyped up in the book community, with hundreds of thousands of five star reviews, I didn’t know if ‘Verity’ would match up to the high expectations everyone has of this book. Just like with ‘The Love Hypothesis’, I didn’t know if I would find this BookTok sensation the masterpiece everyone raves it is, or if it would fall flat.

The book is centred around Verity Crawford, a successful writer who can’t finish writing her esteemed fictional series after a car crash leaves her with severe injuries. So, when struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh is approached to finish the series by Verity’s husband Jeremy, offering a large pay off, she can’t say no. But when Lowen visits Verity’s house and spends more and more time in her office, she discovers an autobiography about Verity’s life. But the chilling revelations made in the manuscript make Lowen go cold and question her safety in the house.

Everyone praises this book for its ending, and I can echo that the ending to the book was just as incredible, twisted and shocking as everyone says it is! Three quarters through the book I thought I knew what would happen (and a few of my predictions were right) but I never anticipated that ending. The whole book gave me chills and I’m haunted by the last page.

I read it in under 48 hours, the fastest I’ve read a book this year. I didn’t give it five stars only because I found certain parts a bit too repetitive and there were a few times when I thought certain things needed more justification or explanation (I won’t say what so not to spoil).

All in all, if you’re looking for a fast paced, gripping thriller, look no further.

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