La Petite Mort

by Özge Lena

As part of our collection of work submitted to the blog due to being overqualified for Swim Press’ issue, we have a poem pertaining to the theme of bodies.

La Petite Mort

I want to feed the body what

it needs: you

on the floor surrounded

by candles on the books

of philosophy

I want to turn the body what

it yearns: us

on the table wrapped

in tears in saliva in semen

body wants you wanting me wanting you

in me in you in me

two caterpillars morphing

into one single butterfly

wanting to die

to die a little and then to cry

for you asking the vital question

of philosophy: why why why

kill me a little because

at the same time I want

to die.

More of Özge’s work can be found on Twitter and Instagram

Cover photo via Pinterest

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