guess what? we now offer a feedback service!

sending work:

please send your work by email at: with the subject line "feedback submission" and submit your pieces in either PDF or Word documents.

poetry & flash fiction.

  • up to 5 poems at a time
  • 500 words max. per piece
  • £3 per piece

short stories.

  • up to 3 short stories at a time
  • 7500 words max. total
  • £5 per piece

here at swim press we are offering a feedback service of poetry, flash fiction, and short fiction to help out our emerging writers when entering competitions, submissions, or while completing their own personal projects!

we are a team of three english literature and creative writing BA and MA graduates, and we are all writers ourselves, capable of offering gentle and helpful commentary of your work, in any of the areas you feel may need some looking over.

if you would like to receive feedback on some of your work, please take a look at our guidelines beforehand. we ask that only one bundle of work be sent at a time so that our team can give every piece the proper time to read and asses everything without feeling overwhelmed with too much. we will aim to get your feedback to you within two weeks of your submission.

we look forward to reading your work!

please send payment via our PayPal following the button below:

we will not be able to start the process of reviewing your work until correct payment has been made.

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