What the Harry Potter Characters Would be like at Christmas

by Charlie Fabre

It is very widely accepted that Harry Potter is an autumn, winter and Christmas classic!

All that magic and friendship is so heart warming, and something about seeing the snowy Hogwarts landscape just makes you want to curl up and get comfy with a blanket and a hot chocolate.

Haven’t you ever wanted to spend Christmas in that universe? We certainly do, and here’s a guide to picking your best Christmas buddy! Here’s how the Harry Potter characters would spend Christmas.

Harry Potter


Christmas is a time of family, so it’s a time where Harry feels a little bummed out and sad; but he won’t let it show and he’ll fill the calendar with many activities to keep himself distracted. There will be snowball fights and ice skating and roasted chestnuts and a few shots of Irish cream in your hot chocolates. It’s a Christmas of laughs and smiles, with some comforting hugs at the end of the day. But it’s a time of bonding; you’re his family now.

Ron Weasely


Quite the opposite to Harry, Ron has a very large family, one that he refuses to get away from. You’ll be hard-pressed to try and get Ron to leave his home and come to yours for the Holiday. You’ll have fun though, Molly will knit you a jumper and the twins will show you cool tricks and pranks, and Ginny will gab with you all night long about anything you want. Ron might seem a little distant, but he’ll sneak you a kiss under the mistletoe.

Hermione Granger


A Christmas with Hermione is a bookish persons’ dream! Hermione will drag you around London to all the vintage bookstores, foraging through them for the perfect first edition gift for you. Then, when she’s found it, you’ll walk along the streets looking at Oxford Street’s beautiful Christmas lights display. You’ll go to the Christmas markets, she may even apparate you to Edinburgh, and everywhere you’ll go will be accompanied by a glass of mulled wine.

Draco Malfoy


Draco would invite you to spend a very extravagant and lavish Christmas at the manor. You would be fed only the finest foods and drinks, some you may never even have heard of before, on a silver platter. It would be quite cold so you’d have the chance to wear all your chunky sweaters and fluffy socks. He’d take you for snowy walks around the estate, and you could maybe entice him into making a few snow angels. If you can get on Draco’s good side, he would shower you with many many beautiful and expensive gifts (courtesy of his father’s money, of course). 

Neville Longbottom


Sweet, kind, lovely Neville would want to have a cosy Christmas with you wrapped up in blankets and watching all of the classic feel-good holiday movies. There would be crackers and he’d have you wear the paper crown all night, and he would refuse to decorate the Christmas tree without you! That’s a group activity. If he was feeling particularly sentimental, he would introduce you to his nan and spend some time together with her. Neville’s idea of the holidays is filling the world with kindness.

Luna Lovegood


Have you always wanted to travel and explore the wintry landscapes of England in search for magical beings like fairies and gnomes? With Luna you can, and you will. This quirky gal knows all about every Christmas myth and though she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, she’ll help you find Jack Frost! Expect lots of story telling and odd little trinkets as gifts.

Which Harry Potter character would you want to spend Christmas with the most?

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