Literary characters to dress up as for Halloween

by Victoria Bromley

For a night where you can be anyone you want, it’s the perfect opportunity to crawl into the skin of your favourite fictional character

From dark academia to haunting classics, autumn is the best time to embrace the spooky season in literature. So, with Halloween only a week away, why not dress up as your favourite literary character?

In any genre you can find an iconic character to dress up as, whether that’s a gothic queen or a Victorian maiden. If you’re in need of some literary costume inspiration, we have you covered.


An obvious choice, you might say. But if you’re dressing up as a vampire, you might as well be Dracula. Bram Stoker practically invented the idea of vampires. There’s no such thing as too much fake blood. 

Daisy Buchanan


1920’s, flapper girls. If you want to glam up your Halloween costume, then dressing as the lover of The Great Gatsby himself couldn’t be more stylish or iconic. Turn heads with a silver tassel fringe sequin dress! Paired with all the jewellry you own, you have yourself a ready made costume. 

Frankenstein’s Monster

Green face paint, sleek black blazer, black choker and a lot of hair spray. It’s really that simple. Or buy a costume from the internet. Either way, Mary Shelley will be rolling in her grave. 

Little Women


Whether you’re Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy, dressing as one of the Little Women would allow you to wear a gorgeous dress with ribbons and bows, or a bonnet and shawl holding a wicker basket. It’s a classic everyone has either read or watched the new movie adaptation. You can’t go wrong.

Alice in Wonderland


There are many Halloween costume possibilities here. Lewis Charol created so many characters in Alice in Wonderland, it’s as if he wrote the novel solely for Halloween inspiration. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts: take your pick. If you already have a white dress, just buy some rabbit ears and other accessories. Or if you own a red dress, paint some hearts on your face and you’re done.

The White Witch


While you could be the lion, the witch, or even the wardrobe (which would be very impressive and creative!), the White Witch is just as iconic. White fur coat and some fake icicles. You could really go to town with this outfit, but you could also do this on a small budget. 

Evelyn Hugo


If anyone needs an excuse to wear an elegant emerald green dress, then here it is. As this novel has attracted so much attention on Bookstagram and Booktok over the past year, if you don’t know who Evelyn Hugo is then you’ve been living under a literary rock. If you can find seven men to be your husbands, the costume speaks for itself. 

Elizabeth Bennet

Any Jane Austen fans here? To be honest, you could dress up as any Jane Austen protagonist and the costume would pretty much be the same. With a vintage dress, bonnet and ribbon, you’re good to go.

Hermione Granger


This is the character every girl has dressed as for World Book Day in primary school. But why not bring it back for Halloween? Everyone will know who you are – you wouldn’t have to spend half the night explaining what your costume is to strangers.

If you’re dressing up as a literary character for Halloween, let us know who you’re going as by messaging us on Instagram!

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