Writing Habits and Why we Write

by Victoria Bromley

While we adjust back to our busy, chaotic and fast paced lives post-lockdown, there doesn’t always seem to be time to sit and write. It sometimes feels as if we have to snatch the hours of the day which allow us to be creative instead of them being easily accessible.

Whether it’s waking up an hour or so earlier in the morning, or giving up a leisurely evening in front of the TV to get those pages written, we often sacrifice sleep or rest to have time to write. The clock doesn’t often fit in time to be creative when other more practical and demanding jobs take priority.

As a prose writer nearing the end of my English language and creative writing degree, I have assignments which prompt me to meet word counts and force creativity to a deadline. With other responsibilities, within and outside of university, I struggle to write at a certain time each day, but instead sit down to write when inspiration hits or if I know I have an afternoon free here or there to get more words on the page. I fear after university, without the pressure of working on projects to strict deadlines, I won’t be writing as much unless I implement my own deadlines for projects of my own making.

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We reached out to other writers to find out how they manage a writing habit within their own busy schedules, and asked the reasons why they write in the first place. While many have implemented a rigid structure of making time to write into their daily lives others write more sporadically, waiting for inspiration to find them instead of writing on demand.

Firstly, our editor in chief, Charlie, discussed her regimented writing habits where she will “typically write in the morning for at least an hour” which she tries to do “everyday where I can” so not to lose that routine. Having that allocated time to write allows a good, consistent practice to constantly stay motivated to write. Writing as soon as you wake up is also a writing habit Lara, a prose writer, has adopted. She said she “wakes up, makes coffee, starts writing”. Another way of staying motivated to produce new content is writing a new piece of creative writing a day, whether that be a short story or a poem. Ami, a poet, told us how she is currently doing NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) where people write a poem a day during the month of April. She also said that normally she likes to “write at least weekly” to keep that motivation and love for writing.

However, not all writers like to be this organised or strict with their writing habits. Eleanor, a poet, said that her “notes app is filled with snippets that come to me throughout the day” so she prefers to note down ideas when inspiration hits instead of having a designated time to write. This is a similar approach for Priya, a prose writer, who takes notes “throughout my day when something inspires me to write.” Having that designated time to write is not always suited to some people as creativity cannot always be called upon when you want it to. This is also the case for J. Daniel West, predominantly a poet, who also works on the “notes app” to jot down ideas “as soon as my ADHD brain gives me a hot minute.”

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There are many different reasons for why people write, regardless of the creative form. While some don’t aspire to become published, other writers have a goal to be a successful writer and progress from writing being a hobby to a full time career. J. Daniel West said that he wants to “make writing a career” in prose because he “loves storytelling”, and writing poetry was very therapeutic and a way to “express in bite size chunks”. Priya also writes as a way of expression, she said she writes “to express myself in the world around me. While being peaceful yet cognitive.” Also, Ami loves to read and write poetry, and she said “doing something I’m good at makes me happy.”

What are your writing habits and why do you write? Let us know by messaging our Instagram!

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  1. I know you said to message your Instagram but I do enjoy leaving comments on WP as well. I myself try to fit writing in whenever I can, since the day can be a bit unpredictable. I’d do it in the mornings, but I also have a morning routine of exercise and blog maintenance which can take a few hours. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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